Firing prototypes since 2013!

Hi, welcome to Protocannon! If you’ve reached this page you probably want to know more about us, so let’s get started. Protocannon is actually a project by a small games company from the Netherlands called Triangle Studios. Every two months or so we drop everything we’re doing and start a fresh two-day Game Jam, resulting in a playable prototype (or not, depending on how smooth things go).

The cool thing is: you can follow everything! During the Prototype Jams we have our intern running around, taking pictures of everything and putting them on this blog. If you’d like to talk to us during the Jams, we also have our own chat room that we use while we’re jamming. Check it out here!

So, after jamming our asses off for two days, we should have a brand-new finished prototype. What do we do with it? We fire it away at you guys! You can download it right here on the site, and choose to support us by making a small donation (or a big one, we love you either way ^^). We will put every prototype on Steam Greenlight as well, so if you like what you’re seeing, you can always support us by voting for our game.

 Want to write about us? We’ve got a neat little press kit right here!