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Ready to save that princess again? No you’re not. You’re going to die. Over and over again. Please don’t blame us, blame your friends!

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What is it?
Tower Master is a multiplayer game in which the contestants race each other in booby trap-filled levels designed and built by themselves. On Ouya, PC, and MAC!

What do I do?
So you want to enter the race to the top of the tower? Well hold your horses for a moment, because first you must make a floor to enter a match! After you’re done building your cleverly fiendish floor you must prove yourself by finishing it yourselves. Only then you are deemed worthy to claim your position at the gates of the tower!


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop level editor
  • Competitive online multiplayer
  • A wide variety of of different traps
  • Catchy soundtrack
  • Virtually endless gameplay
  • Perfect for LAN-parties
  • Great visual appeal

Tower Master is the result of the Protocannon of 10-11 January 2013.

What’s next?

To make this game a reality we need your help! If you like the prototype that we built, why not give us a donation? By our estimates, we need about €25.000 to build the game we have in mind. This should be do-able, but lets start small. We have set the goal of raising €2.500, which will pay for the game jam, and will allow us to fix some of those nasty bugs that are still present in the prototype. You can check our progress in the donation bar to the right!

Gameplay video


How to host a game?

Start Tower Master and press the ‘play’ button. Then press ‘start’, to setup up a host. Change your nickname and you should be all set.

How to join a game?

Start Tower Master and press the ‘join’ button. You’ll see a list of available host which you can connect to. Just select one and hit connect. You can also connect manually to a friends IP.

How come my friends can’t join me?

Make sure the port used (default 25000) when creating your host is forwarded correctly. You should check if your router is forwarding the port correctly to from the internet to your PC and vice versa. If you’re still having issues check try a different port.

The game crashed for no reason!

The game is still in the prototype-phase so it’s expected to be quite buggy. We don’t know yet if we will ever make it into a full game, but untill then we tweak it sometimes in our spare time to work out all known bugs. Follow us on twitter to hear about the newest versions first!

How can I contact Triangle Studios to ask questions or send feedback?

Be sure to like Tower Master’s Facebook page and leave a comment. There will always be a moderator around to relief you of your burning question.

I’ve got an awesome idea! How do I reach you?

Again, like our Facebook page and leave a comment.

What’s the latest build?

The latest build of the prototype is

What’s the goal of the game?

The goal of the game is to reach the finish to save the Princess. The knight who is the quickest to do so, wins. Pro tip: avoid limb loss as much as possible.

How do I play the game?

First you have to build your own tower. The built-in level creator allows you to do so very easily. Just choose a starting position. After that place lethal traps along a path that leads to the finish. When you are done building you have to complete your own tower at least once, this proves that your tower is actually ‘beatable’. When you start a multiplayer session, all players have to select one of their own towers(you can also select a default tower). When everyone is ready, the bloody race begins!

How do I control my character?

Knights are powerful but simple minded: use the arrow keys or W,S,A,D to move around, the space-bar to jump and T or Enter to chat. That’s all.

Where can I get the game?

Be sure to check out the free prototype (download at the top of this page)! The full game will be available for download on the Protocannon website.

Who made Tower Master and why?

Tower Master is part of the Protocannon project by Triangle Studios. Every couple of months we open a few bottles of beer and start game jamming like crazy. After two days, just before passing out because of exhaustion, we finished this amazingly fun game!

Known issues

  1. Invisible collision objects in the editor when testing a level. (short term solution: Save level, close editor, start editor, load level, play level)
  2. Lift trap kills player while standing on it. (short term solution: keep moving, don’t stand still)
  3. Spike ball trap doesn’t always kill the (other) player.
  4. Quiting a game, kills session for all players.
  5. Games in progress are still joinable.

Found other issues? Let us know!