How to play

Keyboard and mouse: Use WASD or arrow keys to move your character and the mouse to look around.
Shoot: Left mouse button
Use: E
Run: Shift
Jump: Spacebar

Upgrades and weapons: Look for the blue lights to find the police van where you can spend points to get new weapons and special powers.

The goal of the game is to set a high score. You get points for killing aliens and a multiplier for every alien you kill within 2 seconds after the previous alien you killed.  The game is still in development and is subject to change.


We make an indie game every other month, called the Protocannon project, and want to make our games bigger and better with your support. So feedback is very welcome. Never finished, always stable! send feedback

mailto:[email protected]?subject=It came from space, and ate our brains feedback



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What is it?

It came from space, and ate our brains’ is a top-down shooter in which you try to fight of hords of aliens. The player starts out with just a small gun and a flashlight. You don’t recognize your world as it is dark, devastated, and swarm by aliens. Soon you find out the aliens feed on human brains so you start fighting to survive.

What is going on?

You are Jerry, a no-nonsense kind of guy equipped with a flashlight and a hand gun. You find yourself somewhere in a devastated city. It’s dark and foggy from debris, which makes it hard to see. Suddenly you hear something moving behind a burning car. A pink light appears. When it moves closer, you see the pink light is framed by big pointy teeth. With a steady hand, you point your flashlight at it. The creature then comes closer and jumps towards your scalp….


  • Beat your highscore
  • Blast your way through alien flesh with 4 different guns and various power-ups
  • Try to survive challenging waves of enemies

What’s next?

To make this game a reality we need your help! If you like the prototype that we built, you can support us with a donation. The first thing we will be able to do with donations is fixing bugs that are still in the prototype. In the meanwhile we’ll be working on a lot of cool new features and new content. A detailed list is coming up.


The game crashed for no reason!

The game is still in the prototype-phase so it’s expected to be quite buggy. We don’t know yet if we will ever make it into a full game, but untill then we tweak it sometimes in our spare time to work out all known bugs. Follow us on twitter to hear about the newest versions first!

How can I contact Triangle Studios to ask questions or send feedback?

Be sure to like It came from space, and ate our brains’s Facebook page and leave a comment. There will always be a moderator around to relief you of your burning question.

I’ve got an awesome idea! How do I reach you?

Again, like our Facebook page and leave a comment.

What’s the goal of the game?

The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible in order to set a high score.

How do I control my character?

If you play with mouse and keyboard, you move your character with W, A, S, D and look around with the mouse. You shoot with the mouse button.
If you play with the controller you move your character with the left stick and look around with the right stick. You shoot with the right shoulder button.

My brain gets eaten all the time, I need a stronger loadout!

Each map has a van with new weapons and gear. It’s gonna cost you though!

Can I get the prototype to try it out?

No not yet, but we’re working on it.

Who made Tower Master and why?

Tower Master is part of the Protocannon project by Triangle Studios. Every couple of months we open a few bottles of beer and start game jamming like crazy. The goal always  is to build a working protype in just 2 days.

Known issues

*Under construction*


Found other issues? Let us know